I provide you with exactly what you need:


Here’s what you’ll receive when you send your writing to me:

  • 2 to 4 week delivery time (based on length and nature of your document)
  • Individualized questions and prompts to draw out information that might be missing
  • Help identifying and writing directly to your intended audience 
  • Another set of eyes to catch and correct surface-level spelling and grammatical errors 
  • Suggestions to strengthen the tone and impact of your writing

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* Please note, given the nature of these documents, sample edits are not available for cover letters and résumés. 

If you’re not sure whether or not you need my editing services, let me tell you the biggest mistakes I see in many people’s writing:

  1. Forgetting to re-read what is written and missing small—but critical—spelling and grammatical errors.

  2. Having a great idea, but executing it with a weak flow and structure.

  3. Not writing for the audience who will read it.

  4. Rushing to meet a deadline and failing to articulate important details.

  5. Submitting their writing without feeling 100% confident in what they’ve produced.

Get a document that represents exactly what you want—and need—to say.