“I was very fortunate to get Diana’s help with my first novel, The Flood. She was able to help me in so many areas: characterization, themes, plot and pacing, as well as the smaller details in the writing and wordsmithing itself. She helped me to finish a book that was still rough around the edges in many ways; she saw where I wanted to go and helped me get there. The book received overwhelmingly positive reviews on Amazon, and I have immense gratitude to Diana for the final product. When I needed help for my second novel, I was thrilled that Diana was able to help again.” – David Sachs, author of “The Flood” and "Safari: A Thriller"


“Diana was a lifesaver! She helped edit a blog post I wrote to recount a recent career transition. Her substantive edits helped set a consistent tone throughout my story. She is extremely professional when giving constructive feedback, timely in her delivery, and very clear in her editing suggestions. I highly recommend her services!”  – Ariel Belgrave Harris, Project Manager at Facebook and Founder and Chief Wellness Officer at Gym Hooky


Diana has assisted me in reviewing many documents. I struggle with adding far more content than necessary and Diana has assisted in making sure my main point is understood by the reader. Diana is great at giving advice on how to rework the content of your document so that it is concise and clear. She is candid, professional, and has a fine eye for writing.” – Tion Taylor, Higher Education Professional


Working with Diana has been an absolute pleasure. She helped me shape my cover letter and resume into documents that I feel precisely represent my experiences in a way that is tailored to my potential employer. Diana made thoughtful suggestions about the content and intention of my words, which challenged me to be concise about how I present my experiences. She always explained her reasoning for any structural changes, which helped me to be critical about my decisions. I feel like throughout the process, my cover letter and resume were transformed and I also gained insight into how to better draft these documents in the future. Diana was extremely supportive and anyone would be lucky to work with her.”- Hayley Dicken, Higher Education Professional


Working with Diana helped me bring my journal article to completion, something I had been unsuccessfully trying to do for a very long time! Her informed suggestions and corrections made my paper so much better and I particularly appreciated that her feedback was delivered with graciousness and tact because, like many, I am sensitive to critique of my work. I also want to mention that her fee was very reasonable for the quality of the work delivered. Sometimes people may hesitate because they think they are just buying a cleanly-typed document, but her actual service is so much more. As an example, in my submitted material I had used an outdated designation for an organization. Without prompting, she researched the organization and found the proper current designation to use in the document. That was one of many corrections and adjustments she made that I would not have noticed, but they made my paper so much more accurate and compelling. The value of her service is so much more than just highly accurate typing! I wish I had realized that sooner. I would highly recommend her services to anyone and assure you that they are the best investment you can make if you value the final presentation and quality of your work. - Perry Lewis, Professor of Management at Tennessee State University


I highly recommend using the editing services of Diana Morris. It was refreshing to work with a skilled ‘wordsmith’ to help me turn my rough drafts into publishable articles. The added benefit of Ms. Morris’ knowledge of academic styles and nuanced details required to get a reference list in shape saved me hours of work. I appreciated her gentle suggestions for editorial changes in sentence structure and word usage and her recognition and respect for my style of writing. In one project she edited a paper that had three authors with very distinct styles. She was able to meld together our writing into a coherent piece.  Her efficient turnaround time for projects and attention to detail were much appreciated. - Marva L. Lewis, Ph.D., Associate Professor and Founder and Director of The Center for Natural Connections