Are you writing something so important that it could change your life after submission?

When you’re writing a résumé, a journal article, or a manuscript, it’s common to feel frustrated, confused, nervous, or lost.

Writing can be hard and finding the right words to capture your great ideas can be even harder.

What if there was a way to improve your writing and make your ideas shine?

Here’s your chance to turn your writing into something incredible and submit to anyone with confidence!

You’ve spent hours on your writing and you might be thinking, “Why do I need you to edit my work?”

Before I answer that, let me ask you some questions:

  • You have great ideas, but do your words capture them perfectly?

  • Did you write your document in a way that will be interesting to the person reading it?

  • Do you have enough time to edit your writing before you hit “submit”?

  • Are you 100% sure there are no mistakes?

Get a document that represents exactly what you want—and need—to say.


Here's what you'll get from me:


When I edit your writing, you can… 

... move on to other parts of your writing or job-seeking journey.
… work one-on-one with a professional to enhance your thoughts and include them in the finished piece.
… look past the fluff and get straight to the point. 



Developmental Edits

Assistance refining your writing with a focus on improving sentence structure and maintaining consistency and clarity.  


A thorough review to identify and remove surface-level grammatical or spelling errors.  

One-on-One Consultation

Support identifying your message and honing in on the ideas you would like to express. 


I provide you with exactly what you need:


Here’s what you’ll receive when you send your writing to me:

  • 2 to 4 week delivery time (based on length and nature of your document)
  • Individualized questions and prompts to draw out information that might be missing
  • Help identifying and writing directly to your intended audience 
  • Another set of eyes to catch and correct surface-level spelling and grammatical errors 
  • Suggestions to strengthen the tone and impact of your writing

Start my editing services now and get a free sample edit!

Complete the intake form below for a proposal and sample edits*.

* Please note, given the nature of these documents, sample edits are not available for cover letters and résumés. 

If you’re not sure whether or not you need my editing services, let me tell you the biggest mistakes I see in many people’s writing:

  1. Forgetting to re-read what is written and missing small—but critical—spelling and grammatical errors.

  2. Having a great idea, but executing it with a weak flow and structure.

  3. Not writing for the audience who will read it.

  4. Rushing to meet a deadline and failing to articulate important details.

  5. Submitting their writing without feeling 100% confident in what they’ve produced.

Get a document that represents exactly what you want—and need—to say.



Who's your editor?

Diana Morris is an educator, writer, and editor who helps students, job-seekers, and writers reach their “aha” moment.  

Outside of the realm of education and writing (her first book, Lachesis' Allotment, was published in March 2018), Morris is a sucker for crème brûlée and all types of music. Originally hailing from Mount Vernon, New York, Morris currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee, a city perfect for trying new restaurants, foraging for local art, and exploring nearby hiking trails. Contact her at morris[dot]dra[at]gmail[dot]com or follow her on Twitter (@dianaramorris) and Instagram (@dianaramorris).